I Need Electrical And Hardware Advice On a Desktop Laptop That I Am Building.

Discussion in 'Cases, Modding and Gallery' started by Seiso, Jan 2, 2014.

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    I am making a portable desktop computer with a flip out monitor like a laptop. I am going to be using a quad core i7 processor and a mini atx motherboard as well as multiple laptop hardrives so i can do RAID on it. I will be using a 500w Gold PSU as well. And I am planning on using aluminum to make the laptop case and i was just wondering whether that would be a problem since it would be covering the computer and i was wondering if that would be a electrical problem. And also i want to combine the power cord for the PSU and the power cord for the monitor. And is it a issue with breaking if i would be moving the laptop around alot since it uses desktop parts?? Please any tips help.
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    Well, I can see already some problems here!!! First of all, Isn't this desktop/laptop going to Weigh allot ?? Why not just use a Laptop or a Tablet ??
    Aluminum case is not good for grounding, Most of the One I have tried to use in the past will Fry the motherboard.
    How big is your PSU ? Next is What you are going to use for Keyboard and mouse ?

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