I need to host my file online with FIXED download link

Discussion in 'Web Design & Programming' started by Dwarfer, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Hi, I am doing a university project where I have to create a podcast, I have made an MP4 and have to create an RRS feed to link to the podcast.

    I have tried various sites, but I need a DIRECT FIXED link to my RSS feed and fixed direct link to the MP4 so the RSS can retreve the mp4 with NO problems.

    1) I would like to upload files via FTP programs, not by using a webpage.

    2) The files HAVE to be accessable by a DIRECT LINK, in other words the link alone IS the actual download link, not a page to download the requested file.

    3) It has to be free, or very cheap, realiable and also the file needs to be live for AT LEAST a month.

    Please please don't send me links on sites that host files that don't meet my requirements above.

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    Hi, unfortunately I can't recommended any free host, not used one for years.

    I've had good experience with A Small Orange - Web Hosting - Plans plus its pretty cheap $5/month.

    You can use FTP to upload files and have a direct link to download.
  3. mithunsingh

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    you create an account and install the aplication and you have one folder where you can drag and drop your archives, and create public links for downloads, for me is the best options. In the free version you have 2gb of space.


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