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    thinking of putting together a pc box for home. from experience i have realised choosing the right cpu and motherboard is very important as cpu is generally the most expensive part of the setup hence needs to be carefully picked, i tend to belive in the latest and greatest but not pay rediculous price. motherboard is also as important since cheap ones can die quickly because the life on the capacitors and cheap ref cercuitry. so i want your help to choose which processor to get from the latest intel family, (pref i7 but open for suggestions) been looking at intel i7 960.

    I am really stuck with motherboards. i dont know which brand to go for because id really like one that will last atleast 5 years or so. also which chipset is the best?. i dont think ill ever do sli or crossfire.

    i use my computer atleast 6 hours a day and its on 24/7. i only play 1 or 2 sports games thats about it for gaming. but it can be used for things like video conversion, hd playback, may go into bluray ripping in future once its cheaply available. word/pdf processing ( may have 10 docx/pdf open at a time). heavly multitasking.

    please suggest me a cpu and motherboard which will best suit my description.

    thanks alot.

    btw its a 2k budget. i already have a silverstone case, so the budget is for cpu, mobo, graphic card, 1tb hdd. psu, memory

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