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Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by sildar-god, Oct 1, 2003.

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    here is one for the knowledgeable amongst you - i have an external fax/voice/modem with a topic chipset. it works fine, but the problem comes in when i try to connect through my switchboard. i am using ancient switchboard technology that still pulse dials, (i know, i know, don't look at me like that! switchboards are expensive dammit!) which is not a problem usually, as all my pc's are set to pulse dial. this modem however refuses to let me pulse dial, even if i manually force the command at it, it still dials using a tone.
    has anyone ever come across this before?
    should anyone be interested in scoffing at me, i have enabled dialling rules with the pulse dial checkbox marked, i have tried using an updated driver, and i have placed a P before the number in the number to dial box.
    if i place other modems on this system, they dial out perfectly, it is only this modem.

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    Unless you absolutely need that topic modem for some reason, just get another modem. You've gone through all that troubleshooting, and it's still not dialing out.
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    are you sure the modem supports "pulse" dialing? I think you prob need to get a new modem, because your other modems work and this doesnt!

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