Manchester United win Champions League

Discussion in 'Sports Forums' started by Addis, May 22, 2008.

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    I'm absolutely ecstatic. Euphoric.

    It's been 9 long years, but we've done it again. Over the course of the 120 minutes we were the better side, Chelsea came back strongly in the second half but we had the beating of them in the first half, and we were just about better in extra time.

    After Ronaldo's penalty was saved I thought it was all over. We actually had Nic come over to mine to watch it, and it was agonising knowing we could have thrown it away after so much hard work. Then, as if the hands of fate themselves intervened John Terry slips as he takes the last penalty put us back in it. We score ours, and VDS pulls off a superhero save to win us the CL.

    I swear I could have almost cried at that moment. Me, Nic and my dad all screamed as we won it. This has to rank in one of my life's top 10 moments.

    Some of you guys in the US might not quite understand the passion in the sport here in the UK, and I don't know enough of US sport to give an analogy, but it's been a 9 years since our last victory in the world's biggest football prize. Ave it!!!
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    was excellent night thanks to Mr Penalty lol, shame theres no plans for a victory parade anytime soon because of stupid Rangers fans.
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    Yeah..that match was amazing

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