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    Mandriva offers you a 3-month subscription to the Mandriva Linux
    Club! (Read the details)

    As a summer present Mandriva would like to offer you three free
    months of Mandriva Club membership! (available for the yearly payment

    From August 2nd to August 9th, you can benefit from a special 25%
    discount - just like having your first three months for free - on the
    annual Club membership fee, and this offer stands for any level of
    membership: Standard, Silver or Gold.

    This special offer is also valid for subscription renewals and
    upgrades. Tens of thousands have already joined the Mandriva Club and
    are enjoying its benefits.

    Members particularly appreciate having exclusive access to the
    download versions of the new Mandriva Linux distros (especially the
    Club versions!).

    They also enjoy the possibility to access a range of complementary
    products and special offers:
    24 forums, exclusive package repositories including commercial
    packages, Club-only updates, the Club knowledge base... in addition to
    many more exciting benefits such as Mandriva Kiosk and it's famous one
    click install system.

    Club members also benefit from special discounts, including up to
    25%-off at the Mandriva Store.

    For information about all the advantages coming with the Club membership
    Mandriva Club - Main - Faq

    If you already are a club member , this is a perfect opportunity for
    you to renew your membership and receive three months for free:
    Mandriva Club - Main - Membership

    If you are not a member of the Club click here:
    Welcome to the Mandriva Linux Users Club Page! - Mandriva Linux

    To benefit from the special discount please enter the following
    promotion code while subscribing: "PCS-CLUB0806", available for the
    Yearly payment only.

    The Mandriva Club Team

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