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Discussion in 'Graphics Design' started by daz, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I have a question regarding rendering movies, when I set up batch render in to targa files.

    What sort of software can I use to put those files in to the movie.

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    You need some sort of compositing software to load your rendered files into which can then export them as a movie. Some of the big ones out there are Fusion by eyeon software, Adobe AFter Effects, and Nuke (made by The Foundry i think) seems to be the next up and coming big one. You would want compositing software if you want to take a 3d element you made and the put it into an existing video/plate. Video editing software may be able to do this as well, such as Adobe Premiere. I believe that newer versions of photshop can even play an image sequence as a movie too. Also, the professional version of Quicktime can import an image sequence and play it as a movie, it may be able to save it as a .mov as well, but I cant remember for sure.

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