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    Hot Hardware takes MSI's newest R/W drive for a spin, pitting it against a TDK 48x burner.

    It's a quick read, and if you're in the market for something faster than that crusty 4x burner, this will make leaps and bounds in your burning times.
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    i would never buy a cd-rw from msi. they are known 4 their motherboards, not cd-rw or else.
    if i dindn't want the best (now i am the proud owner of a plextor 48x), i would buy somethign cheap but good. example: lite-on or lg.
    it is like buying a motherboard from lg: you do it at your own risk.
    ps: now i have the plex, but teac 40x just died on me, after 7 months of using.

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