Need opinion on these specs.

Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by tr21, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. tr21

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    Intel® Core i5 - 3230M
    Ati Radeon HD7670M 2GB
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    750GB HDD

    Is this good enough for Skyrim, Far Cry 3 and some modern games?
  2. Ghostman 1

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    It should be, But what Power Supply are you running ?
  3. Big B

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    Unless you'll be running some insane resolution, that should do just fine. My main box uses a Radeon 6750. I run a 1600 x 900 resolution and while I haven't run those to games in particular, I have played enough of Dead Space 3 to where it's been smooth as glass. I have Crysis 2 available, but I just haven't played it. I know Metro 2033 had some slight lag, but still held up pretty well.

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