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Discussion in 'Web Design & Programming' started by Anti-Trend, Jan 30, 2006.

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    try notepad2, it highlights all common programming commands (C++, Python, HTML etc etc)
    and is also very nice to use! ( i replaced the origional notepad on my machien with this!)
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    [ot]I like that, I may have to try more, maybe re-write my site, at least that way I won't have as much untidy code - I hate Frontpage...[/ot]
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    I wrote the framework in Nvu, and tidied it up by hand in Vim. Since Vim has syntax coloring, it is easy to spot and avoid many potential mistakes and typos. Although Vim is a staple of Linux/UNIX systems, there is a port for Windows which works quite well. I would recommend learning Vim if you plan on doing any heavy coding, scripting etc. as it is an extremely light but extremely powerful editor.

    As for my bandwidth, I have a rather paltry ADSL connection. :( If I had more bandwidth, I might be hosting a lot more than literature, but that's life. :)

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