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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by edijs, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I thought about this forum and thought I'd drop by, I don't do anywhere near as much posting anywhere anymore.

    I have to say, the theme is really hard for me, I find it difficult to navigate, difficult to look at, it's the first time I've being here for ages, but the last time I was on here the theme was a whole lot better.

    Some of the text is also far too faint, in terms of usability, the theme is difficult.
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    yeah, i agree entirely, BTW: hows it hanging Willz ?

    the new trophy award system may work but i personlly prefer the old "Thanks" way to thank soneone

    [ot]besides, i had loads of thanks, which i've now lost :(

    donkey throws his teddy out of cot & gets his pet lip out, Ggggrrrrr (yes i still realise i'm not a dog, but Eeee Awwweeee just dosen't say it)[/ot]
    and i too agree about the post seporation lines are too faint, finally i wish to ask that auto spell be reinstated

    plus the computer drop down was handy, however, opon reflection, i hardly used it, if ever

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