OS replacement from AIX To Red Hat 4 (Linux)

Discussion in 'Linux, BSD and Other OS's' started by hkhan121, Jul 17, 2010.

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    here is my new challenging task. Management asked me to create a brand new development environment.

    in existing development environment, we are currently using AIX and in new environment I'm told to replace OS to Red Hat 4 Linux.

    currently we are running E-Portal application with WebSphere Application Server v6 and its Oracle DB 9i and Java applications.

    your prompt and insight advice will be highly appreciated. I need to understand

    Thank you,

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    Hello, welcome to HWF. The stack you're running sounds fairly OS agnostic, so it shouldn't be too tricky. Red Hat 4 is a bit old these days, considering version 6 is about to be released, so that part throws a bit of a red flag for me. Still, I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for advice about... Red Hat? The migration? Something more specific?

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