Port problem in Netgear 24 port HUB

Discussion in 'Networking and Computer Security' started by vrcatherine, Aug 26, 2003.

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    I am new to networking stuff , correct me if i am wrong.
    We have recently set up a new network with
    a NETGEAR 24-port 10/100BASE-TX Fast HUB.

    When we have installed the new hub, i have seen like
    there are some ports in the hub which did not work
    when i hooked them to some computers.( i was not sure)

    Now after 1-2 weeks ,
    There is one particular system in the network
    which is Windows XP professional which is loosing
    network connection from the domain repeatedly.

    From 3-4 days we have to checked the LED at both
    the ends (XP PRO laptop end & Port end at HUB)
    the LED is not glowing , and we have changed the
    cable to a different port in the hub and now
    the LED glows at both the ends and the LAPTOP is
    in network. This has happened for about 3-4 times
    and each and everytime i am changing the port in the HUB.

    These 3-4 ports which failed in the HUB, when i hook
    them up with a different system also they dont work.

    I guess there ports went bad.

    How can check this ?
    Is there something wrong with the new HUB
    Do i have to check something else ?

    Any help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sounds like the ports are just bad and you should replace the unit. It's still under warranty, so there's no sense in messing around with it at this stage.

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