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    Here's a daft Q.
    When I print text, I specify "Black" and get just that....until the ink runs out and I replace the cartridge...this is what I've done for years.
    (For "Pictures" I specify "colour" and get reasonable prints on glossy paper.)

    Now however, if my Text contains colour-highlights (or Web addresses) these print pale grey in "black-mode" and if I select "colour-mode" then the colour bits are OK, but the rest of the text is a dirty brown - showing me that the black cartridge is switched off......... the colour cartridge is trying (and failing) to create black by mixing .
    Under fonts I can specify the colour, so I force Black (seems to return to "automatic"), although for striking colours they appear on the page. The "black" text looks black on the screen.
    -Am I going potty, or What?

    Is this normal, I wonder? I thought in the past (certainly in those days of Win98SE), you printed what you saw.....currently XP with this printer, am I wrong to look for an error somwhere?

    It seems a waste of colour-inks and it looks so scrappy. "Help-files" are no use, just telling me what I already know/do. Nowhere can I find a definition of printing text in mixed colour and black......

    Your suggestions please.

    (I use Open-Office and Notepad - both print the same, yet the "printer set-up" offers only Black -or- Colour, I don't see any tab for colour highlights and black-cartridge text.

    The PC has been switched off/on several times and this issue persists, , I don't believe it was like this - I've printed out long pdf's with a mix of colour/black (otherwise the colour runs out!).

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