Problems with Spire LED Fan ??

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by lou_resh, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Alright guys, first of all, hello to you all!! :D
    Im new to this forum and I hope you could help me out on this one!

    So, yesturday I bought a second hand Spire LED Star chasis fan 120mm. The seller claimed that it was brand new, but as soon as it arrived i found out that the cables were cut off and there was no pin connector with it.. The Fan has 4 cables - black, red (GND and +12v), yellow(I believe thats signal) and green (no idea what's it for). So I want to connect it to my fan controller or at least to my mobo.. I already tried numerous ways to do that with a 3pin connector (without wireing the green cable) but with no success.. Only the led diodes work but no rpm at all. I tried to wire the fan directly to a molex from the psu, to see if its actually functional and it worked properly on 12, 7 and 5 volts. Im not sure whether I wired the cables with the propper order though.. [​IMG]
    This is how I wired it, wihtout the green one.. Im not sure what's the problem.. But Im sure that it has nothing to do with the fan controller itself, there are 2 other fans running with it without any problems..

    Any ideas guys??? Im tinkering this fan for 2 days now and still cant find a way go get it work properly, except for direct wireing to a psu molex, which doesnt quite work for me.. :confused:
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    Ask the guy for your money back. You received a defective product and shouldn't need to do all this to have a working product.
    I am confused: is the fan 3-wire or 4-wire? Not having all 4 wired in would probably hurt. Otherwise if it's just three, I would suspect something isn't fully connected within the power connector.

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