Random Bsod's (x0124), Graphic Glitches, Tdr's, In Games (skyrim, Total War, Youtube Videos, Google

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    Windows 7 64 bits SP1 Home edition

    Ati Radeon HD 7750, driver updated (17.2.1 version)

    AMD Athlon II x2 250

    8gb RAM

    Been playing skyrim for more than 2 years and I'd no issues. But recently it started to show graphical glitches:

    [​IMG] (example)

    Then the bsod's started.

    I made a clean Windows 7 reinstall in another drive (new WD blue), full reinstall of drivers along with the Skyrim itself. Bsod again, with same glitches.

    I'm also experiencing random freezes with the Radeon host application stopped working (TDR)

    I ran Whocrashed an here's the report:

    I know that it has little to do with the game itself, but its the one that triggers the BSOD

    Recently, before these problems started I bought 2 RAM sticks, just about a month ago, but I ran MEMtestx86 V4 edition 4 passes and it showed not errors at all

    I also run Furmark for about 10 minutes without any errors

    Heaven benchmark 1080 max everything , no errors nor glitches

    I didn't do any overclock, never, and I've got this PC since 2010 so it's a bit old, but the GPU is from 2013

    FULL specifications:

    Youtube Glitches examples

    I wouldn't declare my GPU dying since I fully tested it with furmark and Heaven Bench, plus another Vram test software (Video Ram stress test).

    GPU Temps are around 72C on full load and 30C IDLE
    Never Overclocked anything... fearing that something like this would happen

    Due to the random nature of this issues I can't reproduce the BSOD's, And all this problems started 2 weeks ago,

    Many thanks for your help, (sevenforums and AMD support forums couldn't lend me a hand)
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    What power supply? Brand and model?
    How hot does it get under load?

    Try running memtest overnight and see what comes up.
    Then try running Prime 95 overnight to see if any errors come up as well.
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    Psu: Thermaltake 500wtts almost 3 years old, same gpu age.
    I performed 6 memtest passes and no errors at all
    Temps are 30c on idle and 72 max on full load

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