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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Mack, May 13, 2005.

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    Just about 2 months ago i bought a new barebone system (Athlon64 3500+) with the Scorpio 868 casing. Now the casing has a raidmax 420W PSU init. My older PIII has an ANTEC 350W SmartPower PSU.
    The only power intensive which i am running is the 9800pro. I don't how is the Raidmax PSU interms of quality.
    Should I replace it with the Antec one or not,...
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    Raidmax is pretty flashy, but their Amps are low. However, I don't know the specs of both units, so I can't say if the Raidmax has more amps or not. More than likely, they're going to be pretty similar, and even if they've got a few amps difference, I don't see it being enough reason to swap the PSU's around.

    If you're going to replace the Raidmax, you'd do well to go up a few notches and give some room to breath.

    Now, if it's working fine, you can probably leave it, but if you upgrade the CPU and/or video card, you'd do well to get a PSU upgrade at that time.

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