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Discussion in 'Power Supplies and UPS's' started by Wes, Apr 28, 2011.

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    All right so for about 8 months now there has been a strange problem happening with my computer.
    Ill be gaming or running a application or doing any thing and out of no where this strange sound will come from my computer. It makes a pew sound. And then it will freeze up and wont unfreeze no matter how long I wait any applications I have open will stop working and thats that the computer doesn't shut down it just sits there. A quick f.y.i the pew sounds only last for about a second maybe a little long could even be a little shorter. Thats the only way I can describe it. The reason I think its a power supply problem is because the only thing that could any sound with in a computer would be the power supply's capacitor. A another quick f.y.i the only reason I have not posted something sooner is that its on and off it could happen every day for a week then not happen at all for about 3 weeks.

    If it helps here are my computer components

    SilverStone OP 1000

    Noctua NH-U12P Special Edition SE1366

    GeForce GTX 285

    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5

    Intel i7-920

    Corsair DDR3 6GB (its 3x2g)

    Thanks again for any help.
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    Maybe its a heating issue? Have you considered giving the system a quick clean? so take everything out, give it a quick clean, re-seat everything etc and if the problem still persists we can investigate further. How certain are you the noise is coming from the power supply? Can you try another one?

    When the issue occurs are the all the fans still running?
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    Can you tell if the sound is coming from the top or bottom of the computer ?? Can you take off the side cover to narrow it down??
    It could be the hard drive, they do make noise..

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