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    Special offer on Mandriva goodies (Tux, t-shirts, caps, bundles)!

    Mandriva is happy to offer you a discount on a selection of goodies!
    You can get your Mandriva goodies right now with a 15% discount.

    A birthday is coming up soon for your friends or family - buy them a
    Mandriva Tux the penguin plush toy for only 22.43 euros!
    Mandriva Store - Tux plush 30 cm high

    Need t-shirts for the summer weather? Pick up a five pack of Mandriva
    "Switch to Linux" t-shirts for 56.18 euros :
    Mandriva Store - Bundle of 5 Mandriva Linux Tshirt

    You want a Mandriva t-shirt, a Mandriva cap and a Mandriva Tux toy?
    You can choose this package here:
    Mandriva Store - Bundle T-shirt-Cap-Tux plush

    If you don't already have your Mandriva Linux 2006 distribution, you
    can buy one with any of the Mandriva goodies - cap, plush toy or
    t-shirt - and get the discount on both!

    Mandriva Linux boxes with a cap
    Mandriva Store - Cap

    Mandriva Linux boxes with a Tux
    Mandriva Store - Tux Plush :D !

    Mandriva Linux boxes with a t-shirt
    Mandriva Store - T-shirt

    This special 15% discount is only available until 06/07/28. To benefit
    from it, please enter the following promotion code when purchasing:

    The Mandriva team
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    Hmm to buy or not to buy the plush :D

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