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    have nice read!

    Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Case Review
    I really love this case. It is probably the nicest case on the market right now. It is a pleasant mixture of classy and coolness. There are not too much colors or designs to make the case look too clowny. I have a thing for classy yet cool looking cases, and this one tops my chart so far.

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    Why Dell Will Not Sell Linux Desktop
    A common question that I get is, "When will Dell start promoting desktop Linux computers?" As the largest seller of computers, Dell is significant ( 16.5% market share ), but unfortunately the answer is "probably not for a long time." Given the economic dependencies of the Dell-Microsoft relationship, Dell risks impacting their profitability if they actively promote desktop Linux. While some within Dell see desktop Linux fast approaching and want to be a leader, the realities of their financial ties to Microsoft eventually rear up and short circuit any meaningful development.

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