Transfer Belt Unit Works in Okidata C5200n Printer

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    The Okidata C5200n is a personal and small office laser color printer. Its features, settings, and all its components work efficiently to give users crisp and vivid images and text outputs. However, without proper and regular printer maintenance, printout quality is greatly affected. Therefore, users should learn when and why a printer component needs replacement. One of them is the transfer belt unit.

    What is a transfer belt unit?
    The transfer belt unit is responsible for the actual prints or impressions of texts and images on a page in a single pass. It sits between the paper and toner. The transfer belt processes and collects the color layers and imprints them on a page.

    What are the common Issues with a transfer belt unit?
    Frequent use of the Okidata C5200n also means faster wearing of some of its components. Transfer rollers and the transfer belt are the most parts prone to wearing out. This leads to paper jams and other printing defects like smudges and loose toner. Regular printer maintenance and replacement of components can solve such problems.


    How to clean Okidata C5200n transfer belt unit?
    Refer to the printer’s manual before any attempt of maintenance to know which are not allowed when cleaning the transfer belt. Also, follow the instructions thoroughly to avoid any damage.

    1. In the Okidata printers, the transfer belt can be accessed by removing the toner cartridges and drum units. Find the transfer belt – it appears like a black plastic band.
    2. Loose toners on the transfer belt cause contamination on printouts. Clean the belt by using non-abrasive cloth or a cotton damped with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure not to drip any liquid in the printer’s interior.
    3. Gently clean toner smear or dirt on the transfer belt. Do not worry since it is more stable and durable for a little scrubbing. Just make sure not to touch any other wiring or parts.
    4. Clean until no smears are visible on the cloth or cotton. Leave the belt to dry for a few minutes.
    5. Return the paper tray and close the printer.
    How to replace the transfer belt?

    Sometimes, cleaning is not enough and replacement is necessary. When a transfer belt is exhausted, installing a new one will maintain its good working condition.

    1. Open the printer’s cover. Remove the toner cartridges and drum units. Make sure they are not exposed to sunlight or corrosive solutions.
    2. Find the old transfer belt and gently remove it. Simply turn the two blue tabs on each side 90 degrees to unlock the belt from its seat. Lift it gently from the printer.
    3. Get the new transfer belt and install it. Lock it by turning the blue tabs 90 degrees to the right or until the belt is properly seated.
    4. Reinstall the drum units and toner cartridges. Close the cover.
    Caution: Unplug the printer from the power outlet before going to procedures.

    Learning correct printer maintenance will help the machine last longer and produce good quality output. Also, know if the Okidata C5200n transfer belt unit needs cleaning or replacing.
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