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Discussion in 'Web Design & Programming' started by ProcalX, Sep 26, 2005.

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    Hey all :p

    Not around much any more so, me & B agreed it'd be better 2 pass my mod on.. :)

    anyway, i'm after a good UK Host, i'll be needing:

    ASP/ODBC (Windows Hosting)
    5GB or more of Disk Space
    50GB or more Bandwidth Per Month

    Free domain if possible.. :p lol
    most importantly i have to be able to pay monthly!

    anyone got any ideas?

    it doesnt have to be a UK host, but it needs to have good connectivity, i dont want less than 60MS ping time off the host.
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    You could try 123-reg.

    Unlimited bandwidth, 50 quid a month. Is on Windows, has ASP and a host of others..check that link.

    I beliebe Sniper uses em so maybe pm him?

    This is a US Site, but if I read it

    IX Webhosting.

    + Monthly Cost: US $6.99 / month
    + 5000 MB of Disk Space
    + 2 dedicated IPs, 300GB Data Transfer

    Seems too cheap..Lots of info, hard to read. Check em out.
  3. ProcalX

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    IX is in the US so i can't use them as i ping 300MS or more to em on a 2mb connection..

    123-Reg is just a rip off :)

    i found 1, i went with - ordered 3 domains from go daddy, and the web hosting within 20 minutes of each other, then changed DNS/Name servers and it was all done instantly :D gr8 considering its supposed to take 24-48 hours.

    6GB Disk Space
    80GB Bandwidth
    ASP / MYSQL / ODBC / PHP / PERL / PYTHON / Cold Fusion / Pop3 Webmail with spam filtering / virus checking (incoming/outgoing), Plesh 7.5 CP.

    great combination if your in the UK godaddy + dataflame, all at a cost of £14.99 a month.
  4. Sniper

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    that would be a good price for uk based hosting but in this case their servers are based in Houston, USA. We used to be with I think some if not all of their servers were based in the UK.

    anyway let us know how it works out for you PX.

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