Virtual Memory Behavior When Some Memory Is "deleted"

Discussion in 'CPU, Motherboards and Memory' started by user4592357, Apr 8, 2017.

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    i'm implementing virtual memory page model in c++. my virtual memory is larger than the physical memory. i've done the allocation part but i can't picture how to do the freeing part. what does actually happen when, for example 20 bytes are deleted (pages are 4 kbyte)? i know that in page table entries there is a present flag for page but here i still have the page, and only 20 bytes of it are deleted? and how do page table entries change? thanks in advance
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    Go to My Computer and under Devices with Removable Storage look for your card reader; right-click on it and click Properties. In the pop-up box, sometimes there's an option to Remove write-protection. Change the status of this option and try again. Remove your memory stick from the drivecannot format micro sd card write protected

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