Where Can I Find A Mini Display Port To Vga Adapter That Can Go Above 1080p?

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    I have come across a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u (heres more information). The issue I am having is connecting this beauty to my 2010 MacBook Pro. Now I know macs support this monitor because Apple themselves released a Apple branded version of this exact monitor. The issue is my $9 MDP to VGA adapter. The specs on my adapter say it's designed for a maximum resolution of [email protected]

    I have ordered another adapter off of amazon that "claims" that it can do 2048x1536, but I'm not holding my breath, and it won't be here for a month anyway. The thing is with the adapter I have now, I can force to 2048x1536 but only at 51hz, which is a vomit inducing refresh rate for a CRT, (literally, I felt sick after looking at for only a few seconds, lol).

    So can anyone point me in the direction of an adapter that can get this thing to [email protected]? I would like to be able to run it at [email protected] most of the time, but when I'm working on large CAD drawings I would like to be able to kick it up to it's full 2048x1536, but minus the refresh rate making me sick.

    Here is another link to the manufacturers page on this monitor.

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