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    Wireless technology has been around for a while now, but only recently have we seen Bluetooth™ emerge into the mainstream limelight, after a long period of anticipation.  What is Bluetooth™? Here's a quote directly from Bluetooth™ themselves, who better to explain it!

    "Bluetooth™ wireless technology revolutionizes the personal connectivity market by providing freedom from wired connections - enabling links between mobile computers, mobile phones, portable handheld devices, and connectivity to the Internet. Interface, synchronize, exchange? All of the above, and more. Bluetooth technology redefines the very way we experience connectivity."

    Bluetake are a spin-off subsidiary of Thermaltake, known for their excellent range of cooling products.  Bluetake were kind enough to contact us and send over two of their products, the BT007 USB Dongle and the BT009 Poke2 USB adapter for us to review, so here we go!


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