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Discussion in 'IT Careers and Certification' started by Exfoliate, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Or dropshipping. Ive never actually made much money from dropshipping but theres certainly potential.

    My easy money maker is buying iBooks with smashed screens or a dodgy wire inside for £50-80. Repair the screen (£20) or wires (£10) and sell for £150 - £350. Each repair takes no more than an hour. A quick scrub with some white spirit, maybe buy a box they are sold in for £10 adds a good £50 or so.

    Sometimes I sell one in 2 weeks, sometimes 5 in one week.

    Its now getting to the point where the powerbooks are about as profitable.

    Ive never looked at PC laptops but people with a broken 1ghz iBook just wave goodbye to it, so they are cheap. PC laptops are a bit of a minefield imo, plus they have all these 2.whatever ghz, dual core, 100tb RAM blah blah. A 12" 1ghz with 30gb HD and 640mb RAM doesnt really look all that great to the seller but are worth the money of a brand new PC laptop. People who want a first Mac are happy to pay £2-300 for the 1-1.4ghz iBooks and Powerbooks because they are so cheap for a Mac.

    I think iBooks are awful for lots of reasons!

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